Big Job? No Problem. We Have What You Need!

WorkSite Lighting’s hand lamps and area lights are known the world over, but we also have big machines for sale and rent that can tackle the most challenging jobs on the planet. Here’s a look at some of the heavy hitters in our lineup:

Offshore Hazardous Location LED Light Tower

Specifically designed for offshore use, this light tower can also be used on any remote site where power is in short supply, and the need for light is great. Our Offshore Hazardous Location LED Light Tower features four of our popular XPLED150w LED area lights mounted on a 7 to 15 foot vertical mast, powered by a 12.5 horsepower diesel engine. This unit is capable of producing close to 50,000 lumens, and even provides two additional 120v or 240v explosion-proof receptacles for use on your work site. This is a Class 1 Division 2, Groups C&D – rated light tower.

Offshore Hazardous Location LED Light Tower

5000 PSI Offshore Pressure Washer

Engineered to provide maximum power in an easily portable, low-profile frame, this unit can go anywhere and deliver a maximum of 5.1 gallons per minute at 5000 PSI. This washer packs quite a punch! Featuring a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, fuel tank and belt guard, our Offshore Pressure Washer is easily transportable by forklift or four-point pickup. Also, this unit can easily be mounted to a trailer for mobile use.

5000 PSI Offshore Pressure Washer

25 KVA Square Frame Portable Power Distribution Unit

WorkSite Lighting’s 25 KVA portable power distribution unit is designed to serve as a central power hub for your field headquarters, construction site or field camp. This unit features a 480/240-120v single phase transformer, and a panel featuring eight 120v GFCI duplex receptacles, two 240v 30 amp receptacles, and two 240v 50 amp receptacles, giving your workers twenty different ways to power their tools and devices.

25 KVA Square Frame Portable Power Distribution Unit

Don’t Forget our Rentals for your Next Big Project!

If you’re looking to go light and fast on your next job, WorkSite Lighting can help there, too. We have plenty of 15 KVA portable power distribution units ready to rent as well as 1000w metal halide cart lights, which can really come in handy on non-hazardous location job sites.

Whatever you might need, big or small, WorkSite Lighting is ready to help. 24/7/365 – just give us a call at 1-877-861-5255 or e-mail at

Why You Should Never Remove a Data Tag on an Explosion-Proof Light

Explosion-proof lighting comes in many forms, from hand lamps and stringlights, to area lights, both LED and incandescent. But they all share something in common, and you’ve likely noticed it yourself: they all feature a data tag on the lamp. This data tag explains the hazardous location zones for which the light is rated. WorkSite Lighting repairs and services all the units that we manufacture, and can even repair explosion-proof lights that originate elsewhere. So, we see a lot of lights when they are returned from the field, and sometimes, they are missing their original data tags. This is a very bad thing. Here’s why.

Data tags tell you where it’s safe to use the light

If you look at the data tag, you will see the Class, Division, and Group rating marked, as in this photo of a Daniel Woodhead explosion-proof LED hand lamp data tag. This prevents workers from assuming where a light can and cannot be used, and it’s a great idea to train your workers to recognize this, if you haven’t already. Not all explosion-proof lights are the same. Some are rated for the presence of harmful vapors, for instance, while others are rated for the presence of harmful particles. Never assume that a light that is good for one hazardous location is good for another. The data tag sorts it out, and also provides a teaching moment for your supervisors to educate your workers about Classes, Divisions, and Groups. And remember… if you need a little help learning your hazardous locations, WorkSite Lighting is always ready to answer your questions, or drop by to learn more about your needs.

Data Tag on Explosion-Proof Light    Data Tag with Class on Explosion-Proof Light

Data tags let us know if a light is certified

WorkSite Lighting repairs lights in all sorts of conditions. You might be surprised at what we can do to return a light to service. But there’s one thing we cannot do. We cannot return a light to the field if its data tags are gone. Without data tags, there’s no way for us to know if the light was ever certified in the first place, and WorkSite Lighting is committed to safety. There is no way we will ever put your workers at risk. A light without data tags is a light that’s reached the end of its service. For rental companies, this is especially important to watch out for. No one wants to see an explosion-proof light go into early retirement, when it would otherwise have plenty more years on the job!

Data tags stop the mixing of parts in the field

The different lamp manufacturers have slightly different data tags. In other words, when an explosion-proof light returns to WorkSite Lighting, we can tell if parts have been swapped on the unit. Doing so threatens the explosion-proof rating of the light. Again, we won’t send a light back into the field if it is not up to the highest standards of safety.

Though it may seem like a small thing, it’s important to show your workers how important these data tags are. We know things get rough out there, and that’s why we make these lights as tough as we do. Data tags get knocked off, damaged, and disappear through wear and tear. But they also disappear for other reasons unrelated to the task at hand. If everyone knows that the light can’t be used without the tag, then you have a safer workplace.

As always, WorkSite Lighting is standing by to take your questions and concerns about this topic, and any other matter related to explosion-proof lighting and safety. Feel free to contact us anytime at (877) 861-5255 or

The XPLED 150 is Better than Ever – Now Only 112 watts

You can find WorkSite Lighting’s XPLED 150 area light all over the world. It’s been one of the most reliable and best-performing explosion-proof LED area lights on the market for many years. But we’ve made recent improvements to the unit that make it better than ever. For starters, the lamp is now only 112 watts. That’s a reduction in energy consumption of 25%. But thanks to new LED breakthroughs, we’ve boosted the light output to 12,250 lumens – an increase of 25% more light from the XPLED 150.

For a Class I Division 1 explosion-proof light, you can’t beat combination of performance and safety that’s found in the XPLED 150. The new improvements to the unit make a great light even better. We aren’t even changing the name of the light, despite the change in wattage. We discovered that in the new era of LED explosion-proof lighting, wattage is no longer the most prominent feature of a light, and it is not predictive of the amount of light that a lamp can produce with its LED source. Because so many people are familiar with the XPLED 150, we decided to keep the name of the best LED area light in the world. The improvements to the design make the XPLED 150 now truly extraordinary.

So what is the PXPLED 150?

Every once in a while, you may hear a reference to the PXPLED 150. That’s the same light as the XPLED 150, and it also has been improved to 112w, 12,250 lumens specifications. The only difference is that the PXPLED 150 is rated for paint spray booths, which kicks its safety rating up a notch. If you need the paint-spray version, just ask for the PXPLED 150.

As always, WorkSite Lighting’s experts are standing by to answer any questions you might have about the XPLED 150 and our entire array of explosion-proof LED lights and portable power distribution units. Give us a call anytime – 877-861-5255, and we will be happy to help you make your workplace safer.

XPLED 150 Area Light

WorkSite Lighting to Exhibit at OTC ’15

WorkSite Lighting LLC is proud to announce that it will be exhibiting at the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, May 4th – 7th. A leading manufacturer of hazardous location lighting, portable power distribution and innovative safety products, WorkSite Lighting will be located in Booth 13401, outside the NRG Center.

“We look forward to opportunity to showcase our products and people to the world every year at OTC, because we believe very strongly in both,” said WorkSite Lighting Director of Marketing Scott Madere, “We look forward to making connections at OTC that apply directly to work sites across the globe, and increase the level of safety and production for workers in a wide spectrum of environments.”

WorkSite Lighting will be displaying their entire line of offshore ready equipment, including its industry-leading offshore LED light tower, offshore air compressor, and offshore pressure washer, along with its traditional lineup of explosion proof lights and portable power distribution – all manufactured in the United States and utilized globally.

WorkSite Lighting LLC continually strives to improve work area safety by manufacturing the safest lighting and power solutions available through emerging technologies, innovation and experience. Our explosion proof lights, portable power distribution and safety products reflect a daily commitment to our motto: “Right Product, Built Right, On Time, Every Time”.

offshore light tower

WorkSite Lighting OffShore LED Light Tower

For more information, contact WorkSite Lighting LLC at 888-747-8065 or visit

Honoring our Veterans: WorkSite Lighting Sponsors Combat Marine Outdoors Golf Tournament

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, WorkSite Lighting has a special connection to our country’s armed forces and those who have served the people of the United States as a member of our military. When we were asked to be a part of the 2014 Brand Combat Marine Outdoors Golf Tournament at Pelican Point Country Club this August, we jumped at the chance to be a hole sponsor at this great event.

Combat Marine Outdoors (CMO) is an organization committed to helping wounded and injured servicemen and servicewomen return to civilian life after their time in the military is over. Specifically, CMO takes these soldiers out of hospitals and rehabilitation centers and puts them in the outdoors again, taking them on hunting and fishing trips, hikes, camping trips and even sporting events.

Bret Hall (l.) and John Marion (r.) with Air Force veteran Jim Roten of San Antonio at the Brand Combat Marine Outdoors Golf Tournament.  Roten is a wounded veteran who has benefited from the programs run by Combat Marine Outdoors.

Bret Hall (l.) and John Marion (r.) with Air Force veteran Jim Roten of San Antonio at the Brand Combat Marine Outdoors Golf Tournament. Roten is a wounded veteran who has benefited from the programs run by Combat Marine Outdoors.

The morale of these soldiers is greatly improved by these special adventures and environments that only the outdoors can provide. In addition, these veterans once again experience the joy of friendly companionship and they are told and shown how thankful we all are as a nation for their sacrifice.

Being a successful business is about more than just making money and continuously improving our internal process. A successful business gives its employees and its community an understanding of the qualities it stands for. At WorkSite Lighting, we value hard work and quality of work, but we also take great pride in being an American company that embraces the values that make our country great. WorkSite Lighting actively seeks out veterans for employment opportunities and we support initiatives that better the lives of veterans. We couldn’t be prouder to sponsor this fine organization, and we hope that you will consider Combat Marine Outdoors when you give charitably in the future.

WorkSite Lighting Welcomes Wobblelight to its Family of Products

At Worksite Lighting we are always on the lookout for innovative products that take a different approach to lighting a work area. The Wobblelight definitely fits that description, and it is one of the most unique products we’ve ever offered.

The Wobblelight features a wide rounded base that will not tip over, so it has the unusual ability to right itself. This makes it particularly useful as a general area work light on construction sites, demolition sites or any area that’s rugged or features heavy foot traffic. The Wobblelight casts a 360-degree light pattern capable of lighting up a 110’ radius all by itself. What’s more, the Wobblelight can also be daisy chained with other Wobblelight units to light up wide territories of turf for your worksite.

And even though it’s a tough customer, it’s not a heavyweight by any means. The 36” version we sell is less than 30 lbs. total. The Wobblelight’s frame is hard ABS plastic that stays cool when the light is in use. A Lexan dome and a floating bulb shock system protect the bulb and keep you working in case the Wobblelight takes a hit.

If you operate a worksite that has difficult terrain or lots of moving parts, the Wobblelight might be a good option as an area light. It’s another example of how WorkSite Lighting looks to bring new and different lighting options to worksites around the globe.

WorkSite Lighting LLC Releases New Explosion Proof 70W LED

The XP 70W LED Light is vibration resistant for longer life in portable applications, carries a 1 year warranty for industrial use and is rated for Class I Division I areas with explosion proof requirements in Groups B, C, & D also covering Class II Division I Groups E, F, & G. The 70W LED is extremely versatile for portable use and offers numerous mounting options to fit the specific needs of each unique jobsite or application.

The 70W LED offers 5,800 Lumens of true white light and is a proven energy saver. When using fuel on a jobsite the cost can grow enormously, using LED lighting can assist in cutting down on some of those costs.

Working spaces can be tight, with LED lighting there is little to no heat, reducing the risk of burns, and can be shut off and turned directly back on, no cooling time required. LEDs assist in the ability to quickly dismantle a jobsite preparing for the next project. Lighting is generally the last tool to be loaded however, needs a longer time to cool before it can be transported.

“We are excited to add to our line of industrial lighting solutions with the release of our new 70W LED,” said Alex Robeau, V.P. of Product Development. “As with every piece of equipment we offer, our team can provide proper instruction of use and tips on increasing job site safety and choosing the proper mounting option for your particular application.”

WorkSite Lighting LLC continually strives to improve work area safety by manufacturing the safest lighting and portable power solutions available through emerging technologies, innovation, thirty years experience and a daily commitment to our motto: “Right Product, Built Right, On Time, Every Time”.

New Portable Explosion Proof LED Lighting

Worksite Lighting, a leading manufacturer of portable jobsite lights and portable power distribution units, announces the addition of 2’ and 4’ explosion proof portable LED lights to their already extensive line of hazardous location lighting and power distribution products. The lower temperature and long life of LED lights makes them the perfect choice for all explosion proof and hazardous area lighting needs.

LED lighting has lower electric consumption and can last up to 10 times longer than high output fluorescent alternatives. Explosion proof LED lighting is safer, and outlasts and outperforms explosion proof fluorescent lighting and traditional 400 watt metal halide lights. The resulting reduction in costs due to lower electricity consumption, as well has not having to frequently re-lamp the explosion proof lights, makes for a more cost-effective solution.

“Our customers want more cost-effective products, while at the same time retaining quality and durability. Hazardous location LED lighting is the perfect alternative to fluorescent lighting. Through lower maintenance and reduced operation costs, these LED explosion proof lights deliver what our customers want, and can be used in conjunction with their existing of explosion proof fluorescent lighting,” said Operations Manager Sonny Edwards. “They are appropriate for many applications, including oilfield and offshore sites, mining and manufacturing.”

Worksite Lighting’s 2’ and 4’ explosion proof LED lights feature Class 1 DIV 1 Group C&D rating, mounting on an aluminum frame with a Plexiglas protective cover, and vertical or horizontal mounting. Quadpod, ladder bracket, cart, and beam and pipe mounts are optional.

Products to properly light job sites, including hazardous area lighting, are included in Worksite Lightings’ product line: explosion proof tank lights, string lights, flashlights, magnetic base lights, spot lights, inline systems, hand lamps, drop lights, flood lights, and LED cart lights. Most products are in stock and ready to ship.

For unique lighting requirements, Worksite provides in-house consulting, design and engineering service to custom manufacture portable explosion proof lighting fixtures, job site lighting, construction area work site lights and custom designed portable distribution units. The production process is easy and often takes only a few days to meet specifications.

About Worksite Lighting

Worksite Lighting is a U.S. manufacturer with thirty years of experience in producing portable power distribution centers, explosion proof lighting and portable contractor lights. They can custom manufacture products in-house for general jobsite and hazardous location areas. Focusing on quick turnaround times, Worksite Lighting is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. They specialize in serving the oil and gas industries, including onshore and offshore exploration, refineries and power plants.

Advanced H.I.D. Explosion-Proof Flashlight to Meet the Needs of Emergency Response Crews

WorkSite Lighting, LLC Announces new H.I.D. Explosion Proof Flashlights, with a 2500 foot beam of light to improve hurricane evacuation response, search and rescue missions and better meet the needs of emergency response crews. A Hurricane response unit’s effectiveness is dependent on having lightweight, portable sources of bright light that can go anywhere, including confined spaces with volatile fumes or vapor that could ignite from flashlights that burn too hot. In response, WorkSite Lighting, LLC announces their new explosion-proof flashlight to meet the needs of first responders and emergency crews tasked with locating life and resources during emergency situations. Bright, lightweight, water proof, rechargeable and rated for use in hazardous areas is what FEMA, first responders and hurricane response units have requested.

“Go long and go anywhere are just a couple of terms used to describe WorkSite’s technologically advanced H.I.D. explosion-proof flashlight rated for use in hazardous areas” says General Manager, Alex Robeau.

“Go long” with an H.I.D. bulb capable of projecting a 2500 foot beam of light increases the ability of a flashlight to identify a target or light an area from a distance. “Go anywhere” tested to U.L. 783 standards for use in hazardous areas, enables first responders and F.E.M.A. directed emergency crews to carry out their mission near potentially damaged gas lines, refineries, chemical holding tanks, gas stations and other hazardous location areas. The flashlight’s I.P. (international Protection) rating of 68 against intrusion of water, when using the waterproof battery pack, ensures tactical units of the reliability required in wet or submersible environments associated with hurricanes and tropical storms.

First Responder, F.E.M.A and Emergency Crews require the brightest flashlight available to conduct effective evacuation, search and rescue missions. WorkSite Lighting
Explosion-proof rated flashlights offered by WorkSite Lighting, LLC meet class 1 division 1 and 2 standards for hazardous location areas. WorkSite Lighting, LLC’s knowledgeable staff has 30 years experience in manufacturing explosion proof and hazardous location lighting for emergency management groups. Find detailed product and contact information about all of their explosion proof lighting products online.

About Worksite Lighting

Worksite Lighting is a U.S. manufacturer with thirty years of experience in producing portable power distribution centers, explosion proof lighting and portable contractor lights. They can custom manufacture products in-house for general jobsite and hazardous location areas. Focusing on quick turnaround times, Worksite Lighting is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. They specialize in serving the oil and gas industries, including onshore and offshore exploration, refineries and power plants.